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Your everyday latte reimagined. 

A unique blend of mushrooms and 100% premium coffee powered by six brain boosting nootropics resulting in sustained energy without the jitters or crash that comes from regular coffee. 

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What mushroom coffee is about

Mushroom coffee is a delicate blend of mushroom extracts and coffee beans creating a fusion of dark, smooth, and earthy flavors. The process begins when mushrooms, like lion’s mane and chaga, go through a drying and extraction process in order to pull the beneficial compounds out, which then are infused into gourmet coffee. The end result: coffee with health benefits you can’t beat. 

How it works

Your upgraded morning ritual is only a sip away.

Begin by filling a cup with a packet of Grateful Earth coffee. Then, combine with 6 ounces of either hot or cold water. Give it a gentle swirl, allowing the flavors to mingle and unfold. Finally, enjoy the enchanting experience that awaits.

Every cup is packed with powerful gifts from the earth that support your body and mind to help you crush at life while feeling nourished and empowered. Clean, great tasting energy has never been easier. 

What People Think About Us

We love this blend..it really does give that degree of focus we all need...very easy to take on trips and camping...trying to get a picture uploaded of one such trip to big sur!!

Words are not enough to tell how wonderful this product is and the service is top rate... ❤️

Great taste! I experience more focus without feeling jittery. Love the ingredients and that it's individual servings that I can take on the go.

I have tried other coffee and even mushroom gummies but wow I felt results with the first cup which I actually wasn't expecting to be honest. I enjoyed the taste better than most kcups of expensive coffee, it's just good y'all, try it for yourself.

I'm addicted to this now.

Very good! I love iced coffee, and this blends well with cold water as well. I use the milk frother then add some unsweetened almond milk and ice. Delicious! Really nice having the turmeric and pepper already together also. Has a light sweetness. I don’t like sweet coffee and love this.

Treat your taste buds.  

Clean energy without the crash.

Fuel your brain and body with every sip. 

A simple solution. 

Treat your taste buds.  

We don’t compromise on great taste. Unlike the majority of mushroom coffee, Grateful Earth isn’t just another bland tasting drink that you won’t enjoy. We use gourmet beans carefully sourced from the best coffee growing region. This ensures our coffee is smooth, delicious, and provides a rich, earthy and satisfying flavor that is sure to impress even the most devoted coffee drinker. 

Clean energy without the crash.

With Grateful Earth coffee you can experience clean energy that lasts all day long. Packed with superfoods like turmeric, l-theanine, black pepper and cinnamon that work together so you feel energized, focused, and ready to conquer the day ahead. Perfect for artists, creators, and anyone looking to take their brainpower to the next level. 

Fuel your brain and body with every sip. 

Grateful Earth coffee enhances your creativity and productivity with Non GMO, Gluten free and Cholesterol free ingredients that improves focus, concentration, relaxation, steady energy levels, immune system and daily wellness. 

A simple solution. 

Our easy to use, fast, and convenient coffee is perfect for mastering your workflow and supporting long-term brain health. Grateful Earth coffee is ready in minutes and ideal for anyone on the go.