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How to use Burr Grinder to Grind Your Coffee Beans

How to use Burr Grinder to Grind Your Coffee Beans

By Grateful Earth
Nov 08, 2022

Grinding your coffee beans at home is definitely one of the best ways to ensure the over-the-top freshness of the final cup of coffee. But how can you really know which is the best kind of coffee grinder there is? How will you know which kind you should avail of? How should you know which is the perfect fit for you? If you are one of those confused about coffee grinder types, then don’t worry, as Coffee Caller got you covered! 

At this moment, you will know about one of the most common types of coffee grinders—the burr grinder! This article will learn everything you need to know about the burr grinder and why it is regarded as useful by many coffee enthusiasts!


Burr Grinder


Burr Grinder Mechanism Explained

Burr grinding is done with the use of a burr grinder, or also called the burr mill. The burr grinder is constituted of two abrasive surfaces that work together to crush or grind the coffee beans. One of the surfaces mentioned is stationary while the other one keeps on moving constantly and the two of them together cause the beans to be ground up to the fineness that you want your coffee to be. The final grind’s fineness can be defined by how much these two abrasive surfaces are close together.

Burr grinders can also come in different types. There are manual burr grinders that do not need electricity in order to operate. On the other hand, there are those that depend on electricity to operate, but they are more efficient for grinding coffee. Manual burr grinders are not practical as they are hard to use and they require much effort, so it is more sensible to choose electric burr grinders.

There are two types of electric burr grinders that are available in the market: the wheel burr grinder and the conical burr grinder. Wheel burr grinders make use of flat, disk-like blades in order to grind the coffee beans. These grinders rotate really fast that they tend to make much noise and mess, but they are the cheaper type, so they can still be availed of even if you are on a tight budget. Conical burr grinders, on the other hand, use steel mills that rotate at a relatively slower pace. Because of this slow pace, conical burr grinders are much quieter and less messy as compared to the wheel burr grinders. They also have less chance of being clogged with ground coffee. 

Why Should You Choose Burr Grinder Among the Other Types?

If you are staying low with your budget when it comes to coffee, you have probably tried using your choppers or blenders at your house to grind your coffee. This may be a good thing to do if you are low on budget or if you tend to practice home coffee grinding seldom, but if you are a hardcore coffee drinker, then I suggest that you go ahead and purchase a proper coffee grinder and I will tell you the reason why.

Blade grinders, or the common home chopper/blender that you use for chopping up different ingredients for cooking, can actually do the trick if you want a quick fix for your coffee needs. However, this kind of grinder does not perform precisely as much as you would have wanted it to do. Blade grinders have the major flaw of producing ground coffee of different shapes and sizes, making it hard for you to brew your coffee to a consistent taste. With the different sizes of the final grinds, it will be difficult to anticipate how tasteful the coffee will be as the taste will depend on how much of the grinds are exposed to the water in the brewing process.

With the burr grinder, you will not have to worry about this flaw. Burr grinders are specifically designed for coffee grinding, making them highly efficient when managing beans in the grinding process. They also help you in saving time and effort. Also, when you use burr grinders, there is only a minimal amount of frictional heat that is produced, thus, preventing that “burnt” taste that can surface out of the final coffee brew. To top it all, using burr grinders will also allow the coffee beans to release some essential oils that can be easily absorbed during the brewing process. These oils will help in turning the coffee smoother and tastier! 

These burr grinders are existent to help you brew the freshest coffee you’ll ever taste!

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