our core values

Who we are

Our values are more than just words, they're how we live at work and in our personal lives.

1) Live Free and Celebrate

2) Come From a Place of Love

3) We’re in This Together

4) Live Life on Your Terms

5) Keep Growing and Learning

6) Be Passionate & Creative

7) Be Authentic and Vulnerable

8) Be Resourceful

9) Be of Service

10) Live Free and Celebrate

1. Live With Gratitude And Attitude

We believe Gratitude is how you tap into the underlying essence of everything you want in life. We do it humbly, but also from a place of strength (aka ‘keeping it real.’) That’s why sometimes we have to say, “Funk the status quo. Let that shit(ake mushroom) go. Let’s create our own flow.”

2. Come From A Place Of Love

When intentions are clear and pure and we come from a place of love, openness, authenticity, and vulnerability, then truth can shine through. We believe making a decision from love and inner-knowing is empowering. At work, and with our families and communities, this allows us to live more deep and fulfilling lives full of joy and abundance.

3. We’re In This Together

In truth, nothing exists by itself. Everything is interconnected. That’s why to us, it’s important for us to realize and be mindful that we are a team with each other not only as coworkers, friends, and neighbors but with the planet. So we strive to live in harmony with the universe.

4. Live Life On Your Terms

To us living on your own terms is true freedom and allows boundless expression of the soul. Whether you want to raise a family, travel the world, give back to a cause that moves you, write a poem or create a company, it’s about living a meaningful, fulfilling, purpose-filled life. And we want to encourage that any way we can. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

5. Keep Growing And Learning

By the universal laws of nature, we are either growing or dying. We believe in ritualistically nourishing the mind, body, spirit, and relationships by continuously learning how we can improve all of them. We focus on growing and learning so we can become more so that we can give more.

6. Be Passionate & Creative

Passion is energy. It’s power. Inspiration is the expression of creativity. Passion inspires creativity and life to be lived to its fullest potential. Since we love what we do and only work with people who feel the same, we believe our passion and creativity allow us to do the best work of our lives.

7. Be Authentic And Vulnerable

Facing our fears and being nakedly honest with ourselves takes immense amounts of courage. That’s why we believe being authentic and vulnerable are signs of strength and sometimes the bravest thing we can ever do. We strive to live and communicate with both.

8. Be Resourceful

Resourcefulness is a mindset and lifestyle for us to bring solutions to our challenges. We believe in doing more with less. We believe that by continually focusing on developing our skills, improving our respective crafts, being creative and proactive and living positively will make us more resourceful.

9. Be Of Service

Albert Einstein said,
“Only a life lived in the service of others is worth living.
We believe that we are meant to serve others not only because it’s the right thing to do but because it truly makes us happy. If we can be of service to each other, the world will be a better place.

10. Live Free And Celebrate

Freedom is about being true to yourself, following your passions and doing what makes you feel fulfilled. In that, we celebrate. We believe life should be filled with joyful moments of celebration. For us, it’s not just about achieving our goals but enjoying the process. We don’t play the song to finish it. We want to enjoy the symphony and celebrate the crescendos.

Our Purpose for Money

Freedom. For everyone on the team to live life on their own terms. To take care of family. To travel and continue our individual journey’s uninhibited and fear-less. To add value to the world. To create, share, grow, and expand. To give our time, energy, and tithings to those in need. To be the ripple in the pond of positive vibration the world needs. We stand for making money in meaningful, earth-honoring ways.

with boundless gratitude,

lorenzo sevilla

Lorenzo Sevilla

Grateful Earth Founder