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Caffeine Free Chai Tea Health Benefits

Caffeine Free Chai Tea Health Benefits

By Hamza Zaheer
Nov 08, 2022

Are you one of those people who love chai but want to restrict their caffeine intake to avoid problems such as palpitations, high alertness and anxiety caused by caffeine? If yes, we have got your back with our natural caffeine free chai tea that gives you all the benefits of chai tea without any adverse effects of caffeine. What is better than having all the goodness of tea with mesmerizing aroma and soothing taste? So read ahead because this article will help you understand the health benefits of caffeine free chai tea. 

What Is Caffeine Free Chai Tea?

Chai tea is a fragrant, sweet and refreshing beverage extensively used all around the world for improved alertness, getting rid of tiredness and as an excuse for people to spend time together and have heart-to-heart conversations to connect better. 

It is not just a traditional beverage of Indian and Chinese origin but also holds great value health-wise. It is rich in compounds like caffeine and tannins that stimulate the nervous system and relieve tiredness. Due to these compounds, there is a chance that the body might crave chai tea as it is a great stimulant and freshens up the mind and body. 

However, caffeine free chai tea is an excellent alternative if you want to switch to a healthier beverage with minimum side effects. 

It can be made at home from scratch, with teabags, tea leaves come on black tea grains or can be bought from stores and cafés in the form of chai tea latte. The best thing about this beverage is that you can customize it according to your taste and have varying degrees of sweetness as well. 

Better Heart Health

Caffeine free chai tea is good for heart health because the ginger, cinnamon and some other spices used in many types of chai tea are good for reducing blood pressure. The helpful components in chai tea reduce bad cholesterol and studies show that black tea has a direct effect on lowering cholesterol levels. 

Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

According to recent studies, cinnamon plays a vital role in lowering fasting blood sugar levels by 10-29% by regulating insulin resistance. Lower insulin resistance means better take up of glucose thus reducing blood sugar levels. 

Ginger also takes part by reducing diabetic sugar rise by 10%. For more effective results, it is better to prepare your tea at home from scratch and make the right choice in milk for chai tea. You can choose your favorite caffeine free tea from the extensive range of our teas to get the best one to suit your health. 

Reduce Nausea and Improve Digestion

The spices in chai tea like black pepper, cinnamon and ginger have antibiotic properties to improve your gut health. The tea itself has stimulatory compounds that improve the peristaltic movements of the bowel and relieve constipation allowing better digestion. 

Black tea also contains special digestive enzymes that aid in optimal digestion. 

Healthy Skin

Chai tea contains antioxidants that fight against the free radicals in the body and improve cellular function. In this way, your body has a good mechanism against damaging free radicals and possesses the traits of rejuvenation and optimum function on the cellular level. Using chai tea with honey can enhance its taste and effect because honey is another natural immunity booster. 

To Wrap it Up!

Caffeine free chai tea has numerous benefits and is a great replacement for people with special conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and addiction issues. Therefore, it is the right time to choose health over anything else because our decaf chai tea is the perfect solution for all of your chai cravings.

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