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How to Stop Feeling Tired All The Time

How to Stop Feeling Tired All The Time

By Grateful Earth
Nov 08, 2022

Many adults and teenagers are left out on several things because they are always tired and sleepy.

This tiredness at times becomes a cause of their failure in so many things too. This is why such people are always looking for ways not to feel so tired.

This article is a detailed composition of all the tips regarding how to not feel so tired all the time.

However, before one tries to combat the tiredness, it is essential to know the reasons that are behind all their fatigue. Read below to understand why you should stay alert if you feel so tired all the time.

Given below are some common reasons behind most of the people feeling tired all their day despite not working too hard, followed by the ways to get rid of this tiredness quickly.

Why do people feel tired all the time?

Besides working over the limits and being stressed about something, there can be several reasons that can make you feel lazy, sleepy, and tired.

Knowing about all these reasons is essential because then you can easily combat your fatigue in case you start noticing yourself feeling so tired all the time.

Here are some of the most common reasons that can make anyone feel tired throughout the day:

  • Illness:

    You may not know, but some developing diseases might be inside your body, eating up all the energy that it produces. This can lead you to feel fatigued and drained all the time.

  • Dehydration:

    While many tend to ignore this one, not drinking enough water generally and during the hot season mainly can drain your body of all its energy, making it feel tired.

  • Inadequate dietary intake:

    Not eating a balanced diet with all the required nutrients and minerals can hinder the proper energy production in your body. This can make you feel tired and ill all the time, even if you have a day off and are resting.

  • Substance and drug abuse:

    Making yourself reliant on drugs and substances weaken your body from the inside. This has the power to make you feel tired and drains you of all your energy.

  • Laziness:

    Sometimes, people start to feel tired just because they spend their entire day sitting idle and doing nothing. Not engaging yourself in physical activities can be a significant reason for your feeling tired and sleepy.

  • Stress:

    Sometimes, tension and other stresses can make one feel drained of all their energy, which causes them to lose their will to work, and they feel tired.

Some other reasons behind people feeling so tired all the time may include:

  • Depression
  • Overwork
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Irregular sleep cycle
  • Poor digestive system functioning
  • Using a specific medicine
  • Certain allergies
  • Mental diseases
  • Persistent sadness and worries
  • Overthinking and constant use of mind
  • Loneliness
  • Lack of a particular body nutrient
  • Genetic problems

Fortunately, most of the reasons behind people feeling tired are avoidable. Some others can be easily cured by following a few general tips given further in this article. Before you get on to those tips, you must know what your consistent tiredness could indicate.

Is persistent tiredness something to worry about?

Feeling tired without any reason and almost every day is not a tangible thing. Your body tries to tell you about a risk or disease when it feels too tired to function. Feeling tired could mean that your body is internally going through something that is destroying it. 

Continuous fatigue is a sign of something seriously wrong with your body that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. If you start noticing yourself feeling tired all the time, try to adopt the following tips on how to not feel so tired all the time.

However, in a case where these tips don't help, and your tiredness is too apparent, you should visit a health practitioner or a doctor and get tested.



11 Tips on how to not feel so tired

Here are some tips and ways that, if followed for a considerable time, can get you rid of feeling tired all the time. Make sure to follow these things for a more extended period so that you can feel a permanent change in your life and stop feeling too tired.

1. Get Enough Sleep

Not having enough sleep is the most common reason people feel so tired and drained out all the time. Even if you have a lot of work to do and things to catch up, make sure to sleep at least 8 hours every day. 

It is better to take your naps at night with all the work finished so that you are mentally relaxed. Moreover, try to sleep for 8 hours straight rather than sleeping for a few minutes or just an hour after sometime throughout the day with breaks.

Sleeping on time and having a proper sleep cycle can make you feel way less tired than you otherwise think. Given below are a few tips for sleeping that can make your sleep even more peaceful and relaxing. Try to follow these to have an ever fresher and less tiring day:

  • Clean your sleeping space before jumping into the bed
  • Invest in comfortable pillows and mattress to sleep peacefully
  • Make sure that the sheets and pillows are washed regularly
  • Try to sleep with medium intensity of light
  • Take a shower before sleeping
  • Take your last meal of the day at least 4 hours before you go to your bed
  • Have a fixed sleeping and waking time
  • Wear relaxing clothes

Following these small steps, every day can make you feel fresher and more energetic upon waking up.

2. Ensure A Well-Balanced Diet Intake

The importance of having a well-balanced diet can never be stressed upon enough. A balanced diet is a perfect mixture of items from all food groups to ensure that your daily intake of all the nutrients is fulfilled in the needed quantities.

A balanced diet includes different items from each food group paired up with one another to avoid getting rid of any vital nutrient any day. Other than fatigue, a balanced diet is also a solution to many other health problems.

Here are the four main groups to add edibles from to your regular food intake:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Eggs, Meat and Fish
  • Milk and dairy
  • Cereals and pulses

3. Stay Hydrated

Not drinking enough water every day can ruin your body systems more than you can imagine. A dehydrated body is a powerhouse for diseases and several other minor issues. Not drinking enough water can make your body systems weaker. 

All of these issues together result in your feeling tired all the time without even working too much. To keep yourself feeling energetic all the time, make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

You can also keep yourself hydrated by eating fruits rich in water or through some vegetables, juices, and milk. However, drinking a glass of clean water every hour is the best way to stay hydrated.

4. Work Out In The Morning

Most people feel tired because they have made their bodies routine of not doing too much activity. This results in them feeling tired even after some minor physical exertion. Working out and doing some exercise every morning before breakfast can help open up your muscles. 

Exercises also boost your endorphins levels, increasing your energy throughout the day, making you feel less tired and more active. Even if you don't work out in the morning, regular exercise can make you feel more productive and less tired at any time of the day.

You can also work out on alternate days for 20 minutes to keep your body fit, active, and energetic enough not to feel tired.

5. Meditate And Do Some Light Yoga

Yoga poses and meditation have the power to relax your brain and body together. These two activities can make you feel lighter, happier, and cheerful—all of these result in a better mood and less tiredness.

You can opt for a yoga session once a week or even twice a month if you cannot do it every day. Also, it is vital to make sure that you are striking the entirely right pose. Don't practice a pose on your own unless you are confident of its accuracy.

Wrong yoga poses sometimes can do more harm than good. However, if you are sure about yourself striking the right poses, it is excellent to practice them whenever possible. This can surely help you feel less tired and more energetic for the day.

6. Avoid Smoking

Most of the time, smokers are the ones who feel tired despite not doing anything. Nicotine and other harmful elements in a cigarette can take your mental and energy levels down beyond limits. 

Regular smokers are more likely to feel tired and laid back all the time compared to those who occasionally smoke one or two cigarettes. Try to avoid smoking as much as you can so that you don't feel dependent on them to feel energetic.

7. Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Many people take tea or coffee to boost their caffeine levels upon feeling tired. Even when it gives a sudden sensation of activeness, a persistent reliance on caffeine is not a good thing.

In the long run, lower levels of caffeine give you energy and make you feel less tired. Try to start reducing your everyday caffeine intake slowly. You should also make sure not to take caffeine-containing items after dinner so that your sleep cycle can process healthily on its own.

8. Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Generally, people think that taking in alcohol makes you fall asleep quicker and more comfortable. Even when it's correct, you are sure to feel tired even after you wake up from your sleeping session after alcohol intake.

This is because your brain does not sleep deeply after alcohol intake and is on abnormal activity levels. This makes you feel more tired in the day than usual despite sleeping more than enough. If you are a moderate alcohol user, try to reduce its usage as much as possible.

9. Get Rid Of Your Stress

Stress and over-thinking are two of the most common reasons behind you feeling tired and exhausted. Even when sometimes getting rid of your stress is not possible, you must try to keep yourself calm and find a solution for what makes you feel so stressed out all the time.

Talk to a friend or a family member who you trust about what stresses you out so much. This will relieve your stress and make you sleep and function better, thus not making you feel tired.

10. Evening Walk Or Sports

Most of the time, we cannot sleep properly because our brains and bodies do not feel tired enough. An evening time body exertion is an excellent way to make your body tired enough to let it sleep well at night. Once you have had a proper deep sleep for enough hours, there are lesser chances of your feeling any tiredness on the next day.  

An evening walk or sports is also a great way to reduce your stress, thus making you feel less tired and energetic.

11. Treat Your Allergies

Sometimes, our bodies have allergies that we don't do anything about. This leads the body to itself develop a mechanism against that particular allergy resulting in most of its energy getting lost in this process of fighting back.

As a result, you start feeling more tired and lazy without even doing the bare minimum. It is, therefore, better to treat your allergies as soon as you can!



Brains Before Brawn 

The mind, body and soul are interlinked to each another. When any particular part of you can't function well, may it be because of malnourishment spiritually, mentally, or physically, the whole body takes the toll.

We may consistently blame a day's load of work for wearing us down, or the list of chores you had to do over the weekend, and so on.

What if one day you wake up after a night of adequate rest, and even a pleasant day before, yet still feel pain surging through your bones? You would feel like screaming out, asking the universe, how to not feel so tired! 

We've all gone through fatigue once or twice when we just don't understand what's going on. Well, let us enlighten you, dear reader. It's not only your body that needs rest.

Your brain might be exhausted with overanalyzing, overthinking, and stressing out over situations that might just be because of your mild paranoia.

As a result, the mind uses up all the energy you've stored in your body, leaving you to run on fumes rather than fuel for the rest of the day. It's scientifically proven that a distressed mind causes a fatigued body. 

Believe it or not, the brain burns more calories than any other organ/muscle in the human body. About 30-40% of your total calorie intake goes to the big thinker in your head.

However, that's just the normal, everyday range! If you use your brain to panic, think situations over a thousand times, or tend to exaggerate issues- well, your mind will be snatching mealtimes away from the rest of your body.

Go on, do a little homework for yourself if you're skeptical. Facts will remain facts! 

Connect With Your Spiritual Self

The brain isn't the only department that goes unnoticed, however. In many more cases than come to light, people detached from their soul (in a spiritual sense) may also feel uneasy and tired. They may be asking the same question, why aren't we lively anymore? How to not feel so tired all the time? Well, the answer is simple yet hard to understand. You have to find yourself! Even if you are not a firm believer in God or a higher entity, we all believe that there is a power of goodwill amongst us. We all must amplify our positive thoughts and let go of all our fears and worries. All will turn out well in the end if you send good energy out to the universe! 



A Mug Of Wholesome Coffee

The answer to our question is 'how to not feel so tired?' boils down to a wholesome, warm, soothing coffee. We have to stop being so negative by channelling new, positive things in our lives.

We've told you to meditate, exercise, eat well, get up early, loosen your thoughts… and now we're telling you to relax with a wholesome beverage. Coffee helps you unwind your thoughts, increase your focus and metabolism, and sends feel-happy hormones surging through your blood.

The cherry on top is that coffee (especially ours) has brain-healthy ingredients! Add such a beneficial drink to your day and see how things turn out for the better. 

We hope that you now understand fully how to not feel so tired during the day.

A healthy mind, a healthy body, and a healthy soul require a change of routine and habit. Once you've achieved balance in your life, consider yourself a superhuman, and lead a life full of energy and solace!

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