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Ways to Make your Freeze Dried Coffee Super Healthy

Ways to Make your Freeze Dried Coffee Super Healthy

By Grateful Earth
Dec 02, 2022

We all love coffee and what is better than having the healthiest form of coffee without having to worry about any side effects? It is densely packed with antioxidants and holds great value in terms of many health benefits. Not only is it a powerful stimulant but also rules to be a great source of antioxidants for optimal growth of cells in our body. 

Taking a spoonful of coffee powder and adding it to your cup with some hot water and milk gives you the perfect warm hug whether you are looking forward to the day or you have just come back from a long day at work. Having coffee has a vibe and therefore, it tastes even better when it is shared with friends and family, over a heart-to-heart conversation or a good show on the screen. 

Freeze dried coffee refers to instant coffee that has been dried out so that it gets instantly dissolved in water or milk. It holds the same nutritional value as regular coffee but the caffeine content is a little lower. Not only is the preparation easy but also it is much more convenient to store and use. 

You can prepare it within seconds and sip through your cup while planning the day in your mind. But sometimes you might have thought of making your coffee healthier. If yes, then we have got the perfect ways for you to have the best version of coffee so that you can make the best out of your health. Some of these tips are mentioned below: 

Avoid it Before you Sleep

You must have heard people saying that they can sleep even after they drink coffee. It might be true because it works differently for each individual however, for most people, the caffeine content in freeze dried coffee interferes with the regular sleep cycle. It gives you a strong wave of energy because it is a strong stimulant and helps you stay awake and more vigilant. Therefore it is best if you take it in the morning or the afternoon so that you can revive your energy. It is better to go for a decaf option which is equally tasty and beneficial. 

Switch to No Sugar

Coffee is a healthy beverage and you should not ruin its benefits by adding loads of sugar to it. The white processed sugar that we use is highly unhealthy and leads to obesity, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, etc.. If you have to use a sweetener, you should go for a natural one such as Stevia. There are many other types of sweeteners available that can help you in maintaining a healthy body, especially if you are on a diet. 

Go for a Premium Quality Brand

The quality and the brand of coffee are one of the most important determinants when we talk about its advantages. Make sure that the source of the coffee beans is highly reliable so that you can get the best out of it. The benefits and the quality depend upon the brewing and processing method of the coffee beans. The way they are grown, and the way the different species are mixed also make a huge difference. If you’re wondering, “What is coffee powder?” It is either the extract of coffee dried in the air or frozen to dehydrate so that a fine powder can be obtained. In this way, you can enjoy coffee with almost no effort required. 

At The Grateful Earth, our goal is to grow and supply premium quality coffees and teas so that our customers get true value for money. We specialize in many types of coffee with a special emphasis on organic ingredients and highly hygienic methods of preparation

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Use Cinnamon in your Coffee

Adding a fragrant and beneficial spice to your coffee is always a good idea. It not only enhances the flavor but also adds to the benefits of the coffee. Cinnamon can help lower the blood glucose level and also help in the maintenance of cholesterol and triglycerides. However, it is important that you pay due attention to the quality of cinnamon. You can either roast it with your coffee granules or add a pinch of its powder to your cup. 

Say No to Artificial Creamers

It is better to opt for organic full-fat milk rather than spending a lot of money on non dairy coffee creamers that are not even healthy. There are different brands of artificial creamers and their contents vary from brand to brand but they are not a good choice for your coffee. 

Make a Caffe Mocha

Adding a dash of chocolate to your freeze dry coffee will take the flavor to a whole new level. Chocolate goes well with coffee and this is the reason you see long lines at cafes for a Caffe Mocha. All you have to do is to take a regular shot of espresso, with the desired amount of milk and water. Now you can add some cocoa powder or melted chocolate and you are good to go. 

Final Words!

Freeze-dried coffee is best for those who are always looking for a quick fix for a lively morning or fun evening. Not only does it help you stay active but it in crazy world, it can also help help keep us sane.

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