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Why do you need to Try Coconut Oil In Your Coffee?

Why do you need to Try Coconut Oil In Your Coffee?

By Grateful Earth
Jun 07, 2023

Coconut oil coffee is the latest coffee trend. It's smooth and creamy and has health benefits. It boosts energy, metabolism, and immunity. Below is more science-backed information on coffee's health benefits.

Putting oil in your coffee may sound weird, but it's surprisingly delicious and may be healthy in moderation.

MCTs are absorbed and metabolized faster than LCTs, so they can't be stored as fat. MCTs are a body's "instant fuel." Coconut oil contains MCTs.

Because MCT oil is extracted from coconut oil, there are super benefits of usingcoconut oilin your coffee for extra energy, good health, and creamy, frothy coffee that tastes WILD.

Coconut coffee health benefits

Coconut oil is saturated fat, so consuming it often may not be healthy. My research shows that drinking coconut oil coffee once or twice a week or as a post-workout treat is not only delicious but also healthy.

1. Some fats are good.

Men who atecoconutoil's MCTs in the morning ate fewer calories throughout the day, according to a study. Unsurprisingly, a study found that people on a low-fat diet are hungrier and moodier than those on a ketogenic diet. Good fat doesn't make you fat, but sugar (i.e. carbs) does because the body stores excess sugar energy as fat in the liver.

People who "diet" by avoiding fats often eat too many carbs.

As the brain runs on fat rather than sugar, eating healthy fats in the morning may improve your mood and mental endurance.

2. Happiness boosts brainpower.

MCTs, improve Alzheimer's patients' cognitive functions, according to recent studies.

Although coconut oil may not directly boost brain function in healthy adults, it may reduce stress and help you think more clearly.

Even if you perform well under stress, everyone knows it's not sustainable and can cause many problems. Virgin coconut oil's antioxidants and other nutrients help you relax and boost your mental capacity.

The same study found coconut oil may help with depression.Coconut oilcoffee can calm anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed people. Coconut oil's MCTs and polyphenols provide these benefits.

Make sure you get high-quality virgin coconut oil and try a self-experiment over a week.

3. Coffee and coconut oil pair well

Coconut oil boosts metabolism by creating heat. Coffee's interesting. Combining the two can boost a slow metabolism.

It's also delicious. Depending on the type, coffee has a strong, acidic flavor. Coconut's tropical mellowness is a perfect match. Choosing your coffee grind for your brewing style will also help you avoid bitter coffee, especially with a French Press (keep it coarse).

4. Boost immunity

Together, coconut oil and coffee can help you fight off illness and build your immune system.

Coconut oil contains lauric acids, which fight antioxidants, bacteria, and other irritants.

It helps fight one of the hardest bacteria to control, Candida, which causes skin irritations, gut issues, sleep problems, and depression. Staphylococcus Aureus can also cause illness in humans.

Coconut oil can help with herpes, hepatitis C, and mononucleosis-causing Epstein-Barr. MCTs in coconut oil encase viruses in fat, which destroys the viral membrane.

Coconut oil isn't a cure-all, but it helps with many common illnesses.

Coconut oilis also good for your skin because it moisturizes and fights fungi, bacteria, and viruses that cause skin infections. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and cleanser because of this.

For people prone to skin issues, adding coconut oil to coffee (full of polyphenols) to boost the immune system and using extra to soothe the skin seems like a winning strategy. Science supports coconut oil's superfood status. Doubtful? It's easy, try it!

5. Increase metabolism

Coconut oil is thermogenic, meaning it generates body heat. It can boost energy and fat-burning when consumed. Add coffee, and you're a powerhouse. As a three-chain fatty acid, coconut oil is processed by the liver into energy instead of fat. Adding it to coffee boosts your energy.

Caffeine boosts metabolism. Coconut oil is a natural laxative that improves digestion by cleansing the digestive tract. These two ingredients improve digestion without being too harsh on the body.

This week, try coconut oil coffee. It's easy to make and worth trying to see how it affects your health, energy, and mood.

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