"Mushroom Mojo" - The Magical Blend of Lion's Mane & Chaga Coffee Fusion - 4oz


Memory and Cognition

Increased Athletic Performance

Immune System Support

Antioxidant Properties

Relaxation and Well-being

Non-GMO & Gluten Free

100% Organic


Get ready to experience a coffee blend that will awaken your taste buds and ignite your inner magic! Introducing "Mushroom Mojo," the extraordinary fusion of Lion's Mane and Chaga mushrooms, handcrafted to elevate your daily coffee routine to enchanting new heights.

Prepare to be amazed by the power of nature's nutrients! Chaga and Lion's Mane mushrooms are bursting with essential goodness, delivering a boost to your body's natural functions. These magnificent mushrooms are loaded with phytochemicals, those fantastic plant-based molecules that wave their wands and work wonders on our immune and hormonal systems. It's like having a secret potion in your cup!

But that's not all—let's talk about the extraordinary benefits of Lion's Mane. Packed with nootropics like hericenones and erinacines, this remarkable mushroom is said to work its magic by protecting your brain cells and even stimulating the growth of new neurons. Get ready to unlock your brain's potential and unleash your inner genius!

Now, imagine the alchemical combination of these potent mushroom powders with the rich, bold flavor of dark roast coffee. It's a match made in mystical realms! Our Mushroom Mojo blend brings you the best of both worlds—coffee that invigorates your senses and mushrooms that nourish your body.

With every sip of our 100% organic Arabica mushroom blend, you'll be savoring over 1200 mg of pure mushroom extracts in each serving. That's 616 mg of Lion's Mane and 618 mg of Chaga working their spellbinding effects. It's like a wizard's potion, carefully crafted to give you the ultimate coffee experience.

And here's the enchanting secret: "Mushroom Mojo" tastes like heavenly coffee, not mushrooms! So, if you're worried about a strange taste, fear not. This delightful blend is the perfect replacement for your ordinary coffee, delivering a rich, aromatic cup of pure delight. Indulge in the magic of each sip without compromising on flavor.

Unleash your inner sorcerer and start your day with "Mushroom Mojo" - the bewitching blend of Lion's Mane and Chaga Coffee Fusion. Embrace the power of nature's wonders and let the magic unfold with every sip. Warning: May cause sparks of creativity, bewitching focus, and an irresistible urge to conquer the day!

Note: We take no responsibility for any spontaneous acts of wizardry, telekinesis, or unexpected bursts of fantastical adventures that may occur after consuming "Mushroom Mojo." Drink responsibly and let the magic flow!

Ingredients: 90% USDA Organic Arabica Coffee, 5% USDA Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder,5% USDA Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder.

Flavor: Milk with slightly sweet and nutty notes.

Ingredients Country of Origin: Brazil

Manufacturer Country: USA

Product Form: Ground coffee

Product Amount: 0.25lb (113g)

Gross weight: 0.25lb (113g)

Usage: Can be used in a coffee maker or for pour-over, including Chemex, Cafe Solo, Clever Dripper, Kalita Wave, Aeropress, Hario V60, Siphon & Cone Brewers, etc.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if the safety seal is damaged or missing. Store in a cool, dry place.

Gluten-freeVegetarianLactose-freeAllergen-freeHormone-freeAll naturalAntibiotic-freeNo fillersNon-GMOCorn-freeVegan friendlyOrganicSugar-free

"Mushroom Mojo" - The Magical Blend of Lion's Mane & Chaga Coffee Fusion - 4oz
"Mushroom Mojo" - The Magical Blend of Lion's Mane & Chaga Coffee Fusion - 4oz
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