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Is it Really Important To Have a Morning Practice?

Is it Really Important To Have a Morning Practice?

By Grateful Earth
Nov 08, 2022

With the majority of the population working from home and shifting into the reality of these uncertain times, I decided to use this flexibility to my advantage. With feelings of stress and anxiety rising, I committed to diving into spiritual practices like never before.

I committed to practicing kundalini yoga, trying breathwork, learning tarot, and connecting with myself through journaling. Yes, it is a lot of work, but I was feeling off-put by the overwhelming pressure coming from the media. I saw this as a way to even myself out and in one week, I learned how much my practices affect my day. 

Why should you have a morning practice?

It is becoming more and more popular to have a morning routine with the rise of people writing about it online. But there is truth to getting up earlier and taking some time for yourself. Morning practices are a way to stabilize the mind, body, and spirit before interacting with others. 

The days that I do not commit to practice are slower and stickier. They feel like I am pulling my feet through wet sand. These are inevitably the days that I don't feel the greatest, don't want to eat nourishing foods, or show up as the person I know myself to be.

It almost seems dramatic to admit that the version of me that actually shows up for myself in the morning is drastically different than the person that does not. But when you are practicing this form of care so consistently, your mind, body, and spirit react immediately.

“Your energy is a reflection of your morning practice”

- Natalia Benson

It is becoming more common to comment on the energy of a person. I used to think that this energy would be a reflection of my personality. However, this week has shown me that your energy truly is a reflection of your morning practice.

importance of morning practice


What should a morning practice consist of?

While I love being able to use the extra time to get ready, a morning practice may consist of three things that you do for your mind, body, and spirit. I find that focusing on these three areas helps ground me in my body.

My morning practice usually involves some sort of meditation, stretching, and journaling. But it could be anything from having a dance party in your room to just making a to-do list. Morning practices do not need to take up a lot of time, but they do need to make you feel good. 

I believe that we should all owe it to ourselves to commit to staying in a high vibe state. Since there is so much going on in our lives, we deserve to take a few moments for ourselves. Morning practices are a wonderful addition to your self-care practice. Instead of giving yourself one day of the week to feel rejuvenated, having a practice every day that allows you to reset can be a total game-changer.

Take small steps to incorporate the practice in your day and give yourself enough time to really get settled in the morning instead of feeling rushed. After some time, you’ll come to realize how much this can really add value to your life. 



Jocelyn is a writer and creative currently living in Southern California. On her blog, she writes about navigating the landscape of holistic wellness from the perspective of a graduate who did not end up working in their ideal career field. It’s all about the pivot and the opportunity to learn and grow while working towards your goals living life to the fullest and allowing herself to be directed by the forces that be, even if that is not what was planned. She believes in and encourages authenticity, travel, kindness, and giving back. She is currently working on her first book.

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