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Novel Coffee Benefits Under Friendly Mushroom Canopy

Novel Coffee Benefits Under Friendly Mushroom Canopy

By Grateful Earth
Nov 08, 2022

Legends say that coffee was a bad news in the 20th and early years of the 21st century.  The headlines couldn’t just stop bragging about how coffee could be the last meal of the person. From heart attacks to stunt growth, from cancers to terrible grade sheets, all fabricated lies got associated with coffee.

Then with the passage of time, various pre-clinical and clinical trials were successful in clearing the dubious shreds of doubts from the air. Instead of condemning coffee, people started cheering for this drink.

The medicinal benefits of coffee are applauded all around the globe. But with pleasure comes pain. And that’s how coffee has some downsides too. It obviously doesn’t make you go impotent but a bit of disturbance in the digestion and sleep cycle can be one of the few cons.

What Are the Benefits of Coffee?

The medicinal benefits of coffee have wrapped the whole world around its little finger. Let’s take a quick glimpse at what coffee can do!

Coffee Is Packed With Vital Nutrients

Coffee is a storehouse of various vital nutrients that help in giving coffee its hard-earned reputation. (1) Coffee beans are brimmed with:

·  Riboflavin

·  Niacin

·  Magnesium

·  Manganese

·  Pantothenic acid

·  Phosphorus


Coffee Revs Up


Coffee Revs Up The Nervous System

Coffee is usually famous for kicking away the fatigue and sleep to let us stay awake. Honest-to-goodness, coffee helps us steal the time we need to get our things done.

Caffeine, the famous phytochemical of coffee, is the one that lightens our brain. It stimulates our brain to go extra miles, all the while delaying the time of our body clock. (2)

Also, caffeine blocks the release of inhibitory neurotransmitters, making us think more appropriately due to the prolonged existence of catecholamines (excitatory neurotransmitters). (3)

Coffee Is Rich In Antioxidants

Coffee imparts antioxidant supply by employing one of its best warriors, hydrocinnamic acid and polyphenols, to fight the reactive oxidative species (ROS) or free radicals.

Coffee scavenges these good-for-nothing free radicals and reduces the oxidative stress.

Think With Coffee

Coffee and brain work goes hand in hand. It erases the blurred lines of hangover and scrubs away the haziness to allow proper brain functioning.

Coffee elevates the mood, improves concentration, and induces alertness. (4)

Drawbacks Of Coffee

Is coffee really packed with benefits?

Of course yes!

But it isn’t all flawless because perfection is just God’s business. Some really meek drawbacks of coffee deal with compromised digestion and sleep pattern disturbances.

1. Indigestion Due To Coffee

Coffee is analyzed to elevate the gastric acid secretion. This secretion is good for the proper digestion of food. But with overly-excessive consumption, gastric secretion also increases that can rupture the inner lining of the stomach.

If coffee intake isn’t tapered, the person might end up with a gastric ulcer. People who already suffer from peptic ulcers might present with the exacerbated symptoms. (5)

2. Coffee May Disturb The Sleep-Wake Cycle

Coffee is hailed to shoo away sleep. Taking coffee with insomnia in hand isn’t a good idea. Even the decaffeinated coffee can exacerbate the sleep problems because it’s not just caffeine that is responsible for keeping us awake. The hydrocinnamic acid and polyphenols are essential components that keep us awake. (6)


Coffee And Mushrooms


Coffee And Mushrooms: New Friends In Town

At first, mushroom coffee sounds a bit odd to ears, probably because of the fact that we have never heard of it before. But mushroom coffee comes with some serious medicinal perks that support various disorders.

Oftentimes, mushrooms are avoided because of their bad taste. Pairing up coffee and mushroom together not only masks the off-notes of mushrooms but it in turn nullifies the drawbacks of coffee.

Mushroom coffee is getting exceedingly popular because of its purported medicinal benefits. Let’s dive right away into the 3 most amazing medicinal benefits of mushroom coffee:

·  Mushroom coffee terminates sleep-wake cycle disturbance

·  Mushroom coffee is good for alleviating stress

·  Mushroom coffee helps with healthy digestion.

·  Mushroom coffee for cancer

1. Mushroom Coffee For Sleep Disturbances

Mushroom coffee comes with lesser amounts of caffeine in it that doesn’t contribute to the troubled sleep. Slipping mushrooms to the coffee decaffeinate the figure by half. (7)

2. Mushroom Coffee For Alleviating Stress

Mushroom coffee synergizes the idea of relieving stress. The adaptogenic properties of mushroom combine with mood-elevating effects of coffee to ward off stress. (8)

3. Mushroom Coffee Influences Healthy Digestion

Mushrooms are brimmed with prebiotics that aid the normal flora of the gut to perform their job efficiently. Not only does prebiotics encourage the growth of beneficial microbes in the gut but they also help in bringing equilibrium inside the gut lumen. (9)

4. Mushroom Coffee Can Reduce Cancer

Mushroom and coffee both pose remarkable anti-cancer properties. They reduce cell proliferation and are liable to lower the malignancy of liver cancer, pharyngeal cancer, prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, colon cancer, and melanoma. (10) (11)

Here are 3 top-notch combinations of mushroom coffee that can perform a stellar job at catering to anyone’s need:

1. Lion’s mane

2. Chaga

3. Cordyceps

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee

Pairing a lion’s mane with coffee gives the brain the much-needed boost. It aids in improving the concentration and allows your instincts to get the best creativity out of you.

Chaga Mushroom Coffee

Chaga and coffee showcase a pronounced antioxidant effect. They both are brimming with antioxidants that help attenuate the oxidative stress-induced diseases at bay.

Cordyceps Mushroom Coffee

Cordyceps mushrooms are famous for fueling up one’s body. Together, Chaga and coffee perform a laudable job at boosting the stamina and enhancing the endurance.

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