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What is an Adaptogen Coffee? A Guide to Healthy Living

What is an Adaptogen Coffee? A Guide to Healthy Living

By Grateful Earth
Nov 08, 2022

Usually a day begins with a tasty, steaming cup of rightly blended coffee with right amount of milk, sugar and coffee beans blended together. A cup of heaven.

The main aim of this article is to enhance your knowledge and information criteria on the use of adaptogens in our daily life and how the nutrients of uncountable adaptogens be packed together in a packet of coffee.

Coffee is a blend of multiple flavors packed in a cup of energy, focus and creativity that allows a person to implement on their daily requirements and needs for the purpose of signified living. (1)

Grateful Earth Coffee brings you premium coffees that are packed with multiple nutrients to keep you energized and sharp. Known as adaptogen coffee.

Adaptogen coffee is vitally packed in response to a number of nutrients and ingredients which helps in maintaining a healthy and clear lifestyle.

Adaptogen coffee is called adaptogenic herb because it allows a human body to adapt to stress due to its special qualities and premium ingredients which are discussed below. (2)

Brooke Kalanick, a functional medical practitioner states that adaptogens are a vital tool in balancing the systems of body by promoting hormonal balance. 

Ingredients of Adaptogen Coffee

This special kind of coffee is made up of turmeric that helps in maintaining and lowering inflammation levels in body.

Adaptogen coffee is packed with power of cinnamon which ordeals with antioxidants. Whereas the use of Lion Mane Mushroom in the coffee is significant in maintaining the immune system and fighting with a number of bacteria and diseases. (3)

The use of Lion’s mane as an adaptogen is really successful in studies highlighted on different animals due to its significance and distinctive healthy benefits.

The importance of all medicinal nutrients is an essential in an everyday life. The use of adaptogen coffee every morning fulfills this need as its ingredient chaga comprises of all medicinal nutrients.

A cup of adaptogen coffee every morning not only jitters you and wakes you up from a deep sleep but also prepares in contributing in one’s cognitive health and focus due to its distinctive ingredient ‘L-Theanine’ present which ought to be the most important part of the day.

In order to allow the proper absorption of these nutrients and ingredients in the coffee. It is added with black pepper and its undefined benefits helps in empowering the system of human body. (4)

The use of adaptogen coffee is vivid in countries where herbs are of essential use such as China. Although with moving times the use and adaptation of adaptogen coffee is being introduced into the Western world as well.

Taste testing of Adaptogen Coffee

All of this sounds great. Thinking of getting the maximum nutrients to run your body for a day in a cup of coffee. 

The more interesting it seems like the next thought can be the taste of this great deal. Well to comprise of it is something you can get fond of in a shorter while.

I will not do an injustice calling it delicious until you are fond of eating wet mushrooms but for sure something to add in your daily routine for the purpose of health and taste hand in hand.

Health benefits


Health benefits 

Adaptogen coffee is basically a blend of nutrient dense coffee, that does not plays with your adrenals and bowel movements but rather promotes in contributing to support body systems, brain, hormonal imbalance and provides alertness and natural stimulation to the body. (5)

Adaptogen coffee is a mixture of six unconventional ingredients known to be as herbs that fight and get along psychological and biological stress.

The theory on medicine states that these herbs allows the body to restore communication between your adrenal gland and brain which controls the stress stem and stress hormones. (6)

Adaptogen coffee is a great replacement to a number of nutrient supplements you may have to consume every morning as adaptogen allows to manage your hormonal responses to high end anxiety situations.

Adaptogens are of different characteristics and ordeal which allows a person to be confiscating the vibes coherently.

Grateful Earth Coffee combines the best supplements of adaptogen together in a form of coffee mixture which increases endurance, promotes reduction in stress rates, helps fight fatigue and weaknesses and improves attention. (7)

Some adaptogens such as L-Theanine helps in supporting mental health and physical activities.

One of the major adaptogen Lion’s mane is effective in controlling cardiovascular disease by acting as a divine booster in order to circulate blood to the arteries and heart. 

Secondly, it helps in curing a great number of nervous disorders such as multiple sclerosis and are quite famous in Asian medicines but slowly and gradually entering the Western world.

Adaptogen coffee is a great start in the morning as its superfood ingredient turmeric stimulates the digestive system because of its anti-inflammatory properties by balancing the hormones and skeptics.

Adaptogen Coffee for a fitness freak

Since adaptogen coffee is a great start to help your body to adapt to stress related situations, it also allows one to focus on activities and exercises that allows the wellness of body.

A registered dietician Audra Wilson states that adaptogen plays a vital role for both long and short workouts as it provides strength and energy to the body by regulating body and brain communication as discussed above. (8)

Adaptogen coffee is a great deal in increasing the wellness of the body by improving heart rate, sports massage and wellness training.

Adaptogen coffee affects your body instantly by allowing a greater radius inn working out  for a better workout plan as well as get rid of morning jitters. 

Different forms of Adaptogens

There are a wide range of different adaptogens found in human body which allows oneself to be consumed accordingly.

Adaptogens often come in different forms such as pills, liquid extracts, powder, tablets and tea coffee.

The consumption of each kind of adaptogen is different than the purest form of herb intake in the body.

For an instance to consume the right amount of turmeric, one can be able to adapt to turmeric capsules, turmeric milk etc. 

To be able to consume ginger, one can support drinks like ginger rich tea, or stir-fried dishes in order to fulfill the nutrient requirement.

However, for the purpose of Lion’s mane supplements, you will be dependent upon mushrooms either packed or in powdered form. (9)

Well! This is certainly quite difficult as this allows a person to be occupied with multiple supplements every day. This seems quite hectic and difficult to carry for the entire day.

Grateful Earth has ought to resolve this issue by a research and practice of years by allowing all these nutrients to be packed in a single instant coffee powder and gaining in the body by a vital cup of coffee.


Adaptogen Coffee


Adaptogen Coffee

Adaptogen coffee is a great initiative with an OH-mazing taste and all vital nutrients required by the body in order to sustain and move towards different lifestyles and a very healthy living. (10)

The benefits of adaptogen coffee are vital in every day life and can be researched thoroughly but the wellness and the route to a healthy living can be vital by consistent supply of these nutrients.

The results can be astonishing and can be reviewed before purchasing with a great quality and adherence of health benefits which allows one to be capable of taking and adding to every day essentials in life.

Adaptogen coffee tends to have multiple effects on a daily go to life in a human. It helps in boosting stamina and allowing a respective allowance to be able to maintain lifestyle.

A research has shown that adaptogen coffee is fundamental in providing multiple effects on the body which includes anti-depressant properties, a stimulant for central nervous system which allows in regaining lost balance and power in the body. (11)

If you are someone too conscious about your health and taste buds this is your right choice.

Other medical benefits of Adaptogens

One study research has found out that adaptogens can be really beneficial in general and overall health of a human being if taken as a supplement with other nutrients as well. (12)

Adaptogen coffee is a vivid booster in accordance with multiple cardio-vascular diseases and neurological disorders which may happen frequently due to aging and other issues. As if is tasty and easier to intake.

A significant nutrient of adaptogen coffee chaga allows the mind to relax and cure depression if taken with other anti-depressive drugs. It is said to be beneficial twice for generating or let’s say restarting a mind.

Another one of the main nutrient known as Lion’s Mane used in adaptogen coffee is a vital ingredient that helps in great lifestyle changes such as diabetes and controlling insulin levels.

Lion’s mane is also effective in attributing cognitive health due to its anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties.

Adaptogen coffee’s distinctive property allows it to be an energizer in treating illness such as flue and other seasonal illnesses. (13)

Adaptogen coffee helps in balancing the possible nutrients required by the body to be able to balance hormones and other cognitive health issues.

The other studies states that adaptogens are a vital element is treating and promoting the overall effect of exertion and stress in a daily life. For a reason we linked an adaptogen coffee as a guide to healthy living.

There are vivid number of benefits that allow the adaptogens to be able to absorb in the body and be fundamentally requisite.

  • It can be a better version when used as a stimulator for people who are healthy and are in state of fatigue or with asthenic states that has been accorded to them during the period of rehabilitation or during the times of infectious diseases.
  • Vitally used for healthy people in order to be able to address their issues of fatigue and increased mental exertion. The adaptogen coffee should be consumed days before the mental perplex in order to help get rid of severe exertion and mental imbalance.
  • To recover mental and physical working capacity due to long working hours
  • Sexual disorders related to impotence in males.
  • Helps in regulating psychiatric practices as a result of a vivid number of practices and therapeutically disorders

One of the most unique property of these different kind of adaptogen is that over the time period one cannot frequently be addicted to these supplements. So, for over a few times can be taken in equal amounts.

Adaptogens are tend to be effective in treating diseases like schizophrenia, neurological disorder which can be a long -term effect of everyday use.

Well! Sounds too good to believe Right? Well the researches and studies have proved it to be true. The reason why a good, hot steaming cup of coffee can be your new best friend.

Ben LeVine of Rasa Koffee was initially inspired to work with adaptogens following his own personal experience: (14)

“I was in a goat co-op, and once a week I’d milk and herd the goats, clean the stalls, and get way too stressed. After taking schisandra and rhodiola for a couple of weeks, I was amazed when I showed up, got the work done, and actually enjoyed it. I’ve heard a version of this story from so many people that start an adaptogen regime: an experience of peace in the face of a long-standing stress trigger.”

Adaptogen Coffee A requirement or a lifestyle


Adaptogen Coffee A requirement or a lifestyle?

If you love coffee but significantly your body reacts poorly to caffeine it is finally your time to switch to adaptogen coffee.

I would rather not say a perfect blend of taste and life itself but a number of people have stated the new lifestyle they have conformed due to the effectiveness of (15) adaptogen coffee early in the morning as stated by Mary D, (16)

I am so thrilled to find a healthy, caffeine-free coffee alternative that I can safely enjoy while breastfeeding. When made in a french press with a little splash of coconut creamer, you’d never know this wasn’t traditional coffee! And the health benefits of the natural herbs are a bonus. I haven’t felt nearly as fatigued or drained since I have been starting my mornings with a cup of adaptogen coffee.”

Naturopaths also tend to recommend the adaptogen Chaga and L-Theanine as an ingredient in house-made chocolate that is versatile and a natural sweetener. This subsequently fulfills your craving without drastically increasing your insulin levels.

If you are looking for the correct blend of flavors and nutrients your first choice should be Grateful Earth’s adaptogen coffee, combined with natural herbs with a robust state, slightly sweet, and a bit bitter. (17)

This essence allows a being to be able to concentrate on their everyday life with the right amount of nutrients and the capacity of body that allows one to be able to sustain living in extreme hectic routines and environments. 

Some Side Effects of Adaptogens

Adaptogen coffee is a great initiative in maintaining adequate balance and lifestyle changes in human nature similarly excessive use can be not too healthy to an extent.

Likewise all products are not made up for everyone, similarly studies advise that it is better to consume adaptogen coffee by the advise of a health practitioner.

The Food and Drug Association (FDA) has bring up a notion on the quality and purity of the herbs and substances which are not respondent due to a number of companies compelling on these initiatives.

If the current scenario and need reflects on the consumption of adaptogen coffee, it is crucial to realize that adaptogens alone cannot be a great deal in improving health and other requirements of the body.

 In order to be fit and firm one needs to include pure diet, healthy living, medicines and exercise in their daily routine to achieve the target. 

This is crucial incase to gain excessive strength and nutrients from the natural ingredients present in adaptogen coffee which I a routine part of our morning from now onwards.

On the other instance, there are no possible side effects found in the animal research where the adaptogens are used in excess due to its natural ingredients and subsidiaries.

The amount of ingredients available in Grateful Earth’s adaptogen coffee is vital due to the presence of natural ingredients discussed above. 

The coffee is rightly blended with flavors, a choice of your favorite milk along with a sweetener of your choice and tadaa an OH..MAZING tasty and healthy drink on your way. (18)

So, what are you waiting for this? tasty, healthier drink is just a click away. Get your hands on both for your healthy lifestyle and taste buds. Get your Grateful Earth’s adaptogen coffee now.

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