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Why You Should Drink More Coffee

Why You Should Drink More Coffee

By Grateful Earth
Nov 08, 2022

Instant coffee was developed in the 1800's. Today many people around the world enjoy it. There are many good reasons to enjoy instant coffee.

Instant coffee is prepared from green coffee beans. the green beans go through a special and sophisticated method of processing. This is different than the way green beans are processed for standard coffee.

There are numerous health benefits one gets from enjoying instant coffee. British research has found that instant coffee is beneficial to our overall health. 

Grateful Earth Instant Coffee


The origin of instant COFFEE

Instant coffee was first developed in the 1800's. Over time other inventors and innovators made changes to instant coffee. Today instant coffee is found all over the world and is enjoyed in diverse ways.


Instant coffee is made from coffee beans. The green coffee beans are specially roasted and soaked in water. This extracts the flavors and aromas. The concentrate is then evaporated or freeze dried.

The health benefits of instant coffee

Instant coffee offers benefits to our health. Just as standard coffee is said to have many health enhancing effects, so too does instant coffee. Instant coffee has been found to be beneficial to our heart, help in preventing the risk of developing certain kinds of cancer and more.

Instant coffee around the world

Different countries and regions have developed their own unique takes on instant coffee. India, Spain and Portugal feature instant coffee brewed with milk instead of water. Greece uses instant coffee to make iced frappes. South Korea has instant coffee both with and without sugar and cream right in the coffee stick.

Instant vs. Standard Coffee

Even though we want to promote harmony and peace, there are times contrasts can better illustrate a point. Some advantages instant coffee has over standard coffee include its convenience, versatility, and reduction of one's carbon footprint.

Instant Coffee vs Standard Coffee


Let's Recap

Instant coffee is a great beverage. It has a long and surprising history. It goes through a modern and sophisticated preparation process. Instant coffee has proven health benefits. It can be utilized in many different ways, is enjoyed all over the world and has advantages over standard coffee.

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